HoodWave Disability Radio

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February 19, 2019  

HoodWave Disability Radio & Who We Are!

 HoodWave Highlights 

  • Self- advocacy is quite simply means advocating for one's self

  • Group home or living independently

  • The right to choose services and programs that work for you.

  • The right to refuse services and programs that are not giving supports that do not work for you,

  • Informing our US and local governments on issues and policy changes that concern you.


HoodWave Disability Radio how it works.


  • Self-advocacy groups and organization how can HoodWave be used.

  • Examples include: announcements events, conferences

  • Transportation, independent living, self-advocacy meetings.

  • Reaching out to a greater number of self-advocates, advocacy groups and organizations every where who support people with disabilities.

  • Supporting our Disabled Veterans.

  • Website https://www.hoodwave.org/