Daniel Hood Autobiography


My name is Daniel Hood; my focus is on policy and political news directly affecting the disability community, including housing, job placement, hobbies, talents, and dreams, and telling their stories. I also conduct interviews, editing, recording, and audio production, and I have an online radio station in development and up and running. 
I enjoy spending time with my lovely wife, Leah, and my family, going to parks, swimming, hiking, computers, and doing and trying new things.
I grew up in Forest Lake, Minnesota, with my brother Jason, my sister Beth, and my parents Bob and Patrice Hood. 
I attended special education classes and Special Olympics, lived in a couple of group homes, and Adult foster care.
I graduated from Forest Lake and received my diploma through the North East Metro 916 Transition Program 1998. I received my Certificate from the Recording Radio Film Connection & CASA Schools on October 4th, 2022, for radio broadcasting. 
Seeking a mentor, hands-on training, and experience in my areas of study at Radio Connection.
I moved out from my last group home in 2000 and have lived independently for 23 years. Married for five years with my loving wife, Leah. 


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