Meet Dan & Leah

Please watch this video from The Arc of Minnesota. 

 Arc of Minnesota.

The Arc Minnesota is committed to a future where people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are seen for who they are - capable, tenacious, caring, loving, and resilient.
Self-Advocates work together to make a difference in their communities and improve lives. People with disabilities want to show their strengths and persevere through tough times.

Leah & Dan Hood met at a self-advocacy conference and were immediately drawn to one another. They have been married for 2 years and live on the east side of St. Paul with their leopard gecko, Spotty.
For Leah & Dan, independence is critical, but it's not without challenges. Together, they explore their dreams and let their true selves shine through. "I want to be treated like everybody else - with dignity," Dan says. "So, I will be able to show my true self."

Interested in finding out more about Arc Minnesota? Please go.

Also, find out more about HoodWave Disability Radio; go to HoodWave Disability Radio for more information.


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